Neurosurgeons in Australia

Sydney Neurosurgeon

Brian Kenneth Owler is an Australian Neurosurgeon. He was recently elected as the president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA). Before taking up the presidency of the AMA, Owler was the president of the Australian Neurosurgical Society (ANZS). Owler is a renowned neurosurgeon who specializes in spinal cord injuries.

Dr Dianne Khurana is a Sydney neurosurgeon

CNS Neurosurgery is a premier private practice in the field of neurological surgery. Its services include medical consultation, surgery, and perioperative care. It also offers Skype/telehealth and medicolegal-IME expertise. The practice services patients throughout Australia. The commitment to excellence in practice and the number of positive reviews on Google speaks for itself.

Dr Khurana is a practising neurosurgeon with extensive experience in medicolegal cases. She has provided over 1600 medicolegal opinions and reports and has testified in court and tribunals. She has also presented numerous talks to the Law Council of Australia and the Australian Lawyers Alliance.

Dr Khurana specializes in complex brain tumour surgery. She treats tumours of the skull base, brainstem, and craniocervical junction. She also performs awake craneotomy surgery and complete resection. Keeping the patient awake is important during these delicate surgeries.

Dr James Laban is a Sydney neurosurgeon

Sydney’s Dr James Laban is one of the world’s foremost experts in spinal and neurocutaneous surgery. He has a busy private practice in Sydney. Previously, he worked in leading medical centres such as Harley Street, The London Clinic, Lister and Cromwell hospitals, providing expert care to a wide range of patients. He is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for each patient.

Dr Laban is a dual-certified neurosurgeon and spine surgeon who specialises in minimally invasive spine and brain surgery. He also has extensive experience in peripheral nerve surgery and uses computer and robotic technologies to make the procedure as safe as possible for his patients. He also believes in an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Dr Raoul Pope is a Sydney neurosurgeon

Dr Raoul Pope is a specialist in neurosurgery. He graduated from the University of Otago Medical School in New Zealand and completed his neurosurgical fellowship in Sydney. He also completed a specialist fellowship in spinal surgery at the University of Calgary. He is currently an Adjunct Clinical Senior Lecturer at the School of Medicine Sydney Campus and consults from North Sydney. He is a member of the Australian Medical Association, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, the International Society for Advanced Spine Surgery, and the Neurosurgical Society of Australia.

Dr Pope is a specialist in spinal tumours, with specific interests in these conditions. He also has a special interest in neurosurgery in general and in craniosacral surgery. He has over 21 years of experience as a consultant neurosurgeon, and has an international reputation for meticulous surgery. In addition to his extensive training, Dr Pope also specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Dr Richard Parkinson is a Sydney neurosurgeon

Dr Richard Parkinson is a fellowship-trained neuro-interventional neurosurgeon and clinical director of iSpine Neurosurgery. He has been performing minimally invasive spine surgery in Sydney for over 20 years and has a reputation for conservative, effective care. He completed his medical training in Australia and his fellowship in the United States. He now practices neurosurgery at some of the leading private hospitals in Sydney.

Dr Parkinson’s clinical interests include treating brain tumours, particularly those in the brain. He is a member of the management committee of the Australasian Neuro-oncology Group COGNO and chairs the NSW Oncology Group for Neuro-oncology. He also leads the neurosurgery training program at the Royal North Shore Private Hospital.

Dr Timothy Steel is a Sydney neurosurgeon

Dr Timothy Steel is a neurosurgeon with extensive experience in spinal surgery. He has performed more than 7,000 minimally invasive and complex spine surgeries. He has a reputation for meticulous, patient-focused surgery. Whether performing complex spine instrumentation or performing spine surgery, he is a leader in the field.

Dr Steel has specialised in spinal decompression surgery and has developed minimally invasive techniques to correct spinal decompression. His training in the United States paved the way for him to perform minimally invasive procedures in Australia. He has also taught other neurosurgical trainees how to perform these procedures. He has been performing MISS decompression procedures for several years. He presented his experience with percutaneous pedicle screw fixation at the 2010 Spine Society of Australia meeting.

Dr Steel is one of Australia’s most prominent neurosurgeons. He has performed nearly 10,000 successful operations since 1998. In 2019, he has established the Dr Timothy Steel Scholarship Program. The scholarship is worth AUD $4,000 and is awarded to a medical student studying in Australia.